BackgroundCustomer get frustrated when they are not heard. They get even more frustrated when they are not understood. It evenbecomes more frustrating whey the do not receive any feedback. They end up on social media or other blogs rantingabout the poor quality of service from your business.This does not create a good image for the company (as they say, image is everything). Below are some top points that makea customer happy.• Availability of the business (24/7 support)• Timely response for the issues or enquiries• Being made to feel important and part of the businessBongadesk provides all the above. The customer can communicate to the business at any time without having to call, just byusing an App or via the web interface. Customers communicate with you privately faster, issues area automatically assigned andresponses given timely and automatically.Reaching customers out becomes even simpler. All your customer details, issues, satisfaction, inquiries, interests, account details, visits toyour office., meetings with them - all will be automated. Both for the customer and your business.About BongadeskBongadesk is an online application built to improve communication between the company, customer and staff.Bongadesk for business can be accessed via Bongadesk for business.It works to reduce the response time between clients and the business by providing real-time feedback and notifications viaSMS, Emails and Mobile App Notifications.The platform also allows businesses to push news, business update, run basic polls and show case the available products andservices to the client.It also allows the business to provide immediate responses on issues raised by the clients. Bongadesk has in built ticketing modulewhich is linked with emails, SMS and the mobile to help the business handle issues internally without requiring an additionalsystem.Bongadesk also has activity and task handling internally for the staff. This module helps them to arrange and plan for the workinternally.